Enhance Your "Just Married" Look

Now that everything is planned, you can’t wait for your wedding day. You have a clear vision for how you hope it will play out. And then at the end of your long-awaited day, you and your spouse will hop into your getaway wedding car. You two will cruise on to start your new life–together.

You may have the date, location, guest list, colors, band, and wedding cake ready to go, but how much thought have you put into your getaway car?

You’ll want to explore the ideas that The Zebra has to offer you. You’ll learn about quality design, how to use “flower power,” how to upgrade your “Just Married” look, the right way to run ribbon designs, and all about the glam wreaths you need to embellish your car.

Even if you’re wrapping up the final details for your big day, you can’t forget how you want to adorn your car!

Graphic and text provided by thezebra.com

Wedding Car Decor

This post was guest-written by the staff at The Zebra. Risa James Events has no financial relationship with The Zebra.