5 Best Apps for Wedding Planning

The abundance of wedding planning platforms, tools, tips, sites and apps can be overwhelming for any bride-and-groom-to-be, and sifting through them to find the ones that work for you can become a chore in and of itself. But don’t sweat it — we’ve tried and tested what’s out there so you don’t have to, and put together a list of the best 5 apps to help you plan your perfect day:

1.    Appy Couple

appy couple.jpg

The great thing about Appy Couple (besides the name!) is how it can be used as a wedding encyclopaedia for attendees, bringing together essential info like maps, timings, accommodation options and seating plans in one handy package. Create an account, share the invite with your guests (who’ll also need to get the app) and they’ll have your wedding bible always in their pocket.  

2.    Paperless Post

paperless post.jpg

Paperless Post is a great accompaniment to Appy Couple; save yourself from licking endless wedding invitation envelopes (while, ahem, more importantly, saving the environment) with their online invites. Forget about ugly chain emails — their huge range of sleek designs can also be customised to fit personal preference, and the RSVP-tracking feature makes keeping tabs on (and chasing) responses as easy as pie. 

3.    Fat Llama

fat llama logo.png

If you’ve got your heart set on having some special item for your big day, but a) have no idea where you’re going to source it, or b) are worried you’ll have to buy it (for use on one day only), Fat Llama is the answer. It’s a platform where you can lend and borrow (almost) anything from people in the local area — from classic cars to camera lenses, dancefloors to drones — for a substantially lower price than offered by the traditional hire houses. And if you do end up buying something for the wedding that you’ll never use again? List it on Fat Llama, and hopefully earn your investment back…

4.    Wed Pics

wed pics.jpg

This app’s tagline is “spend more time enjoying your memories and less time chasing them down”— hear hear. There’ll be so much tipsy snapping on the night that you’ve got no hope of collecting every precious, blurry memory yourself — but Wed Pics is on hand to whip your guests into shape. Create and share an account, and your guests can add to it with pics of the day as seen from their perspective. Take a peek, if you dare. 

5.    Blurb 


Once you’re done poring over the pictures, weeding out anything inappropriate and selecting your favourites, use handy app Blurb to design and create your own wedding album. The book will arrive on your doorstep as a soft or hardcover, and, while you’re perfecting your masterwork, you can share it online with family and friends to get their input — whether you choose to listen to it or not is optional. 

This post was guest-written by staff at Fat Llama. They're based in London (hence, the British spellings in the post) but they also serve U.S. clients. If you use the link in this post to rent an item from them, Risa James Events will earn a small commission.


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